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The Indonesian Parrot Project has been active and working in Indonesia for almost twelve years. This video describes our mission and goals and passion to protect Indonesian parrots and cockatoos in the wild.

Exciting Progress in Conserving the World’s Rarest Cockatoo!

Masakambing CockatooThe Masakambing (Abbott’s) cockatoo, is probably the rarest cockatoo in the world, as a result of massive trapping in the 1980’s as well as decimation of their habitat on Masakambing Island. To assess their degree of vulnerability to extinct, multiple censuses were carried out by Dudi Nandika and Dwi Agustina, leaders of our sister organization in Indonesia ,“Conservation of Indonesian Cockatoos.


At last! After eight years, we are Excited to Announce the Publication of “The Flight of Cornelius Cockatoo: A Fable for Children and Adults”

The Flight of Cornelius Cockatoo   This story describes the adventures of Cornelius (aka "Corky"), a young Salmon-crested cockatoo, who is sent to America by his parents to avoid "The Menace" (a threat to all cockatoos on Seram)....

Click here for a direct link to further details about the book, and Ordering Information




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  World's Rarest
Cockatoo Rediscovered!
IPP To The Rescue!
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