What Do Parrots Eat in the Wild?

What Do Parrots Eat in the Wild?

May 14, 2013

Most of us would like to feed our parrots as well and as naturally as possible-that is, approaching their diet in the wild as closely as possible, since that presumably reflects their physiology. If we feed fruits, vegies, or seeds, we might like to seek those which approximate those in the wild, sometimes even looking up their composition (protein, fat, carbs, and fiber) as well as calories. If we feed pellets, we might check whatever similar data are printed on the package. So, what do parrots eat in the wild? In this very brief overview, I will cite some of our own data from two Indonesian cockatoos and then ask the questions: Can we approximate in our homes, what parrots eat in the wild?, and, do we need to? I often get questions similar to this.

The main post image above shows the foodstuffs favored by the Masakambing cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea abbotti), as determined in the field by our colleagues Dudi Nandika and Dwi Agustina.

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