Grant Support

American Federation of Aviculture
Alexander Abraham Foundation
SeaWorld-Busch Gardens
Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
IdeaWild (grant to Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia)
Loro Parque Fundacion


The Birdcare Co.
Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute
Linda Buesching
Northern Parrots
PARROTS Magazine
Vetafarm Australia

A Special “Thank -you” to Joan and Gerry Tilke, who have blessed us, not only with their magnificent Batik and other artwork, but with their treasured moral support, friendship, good humor, and grace over the past 7 years.

PLEASE notify us if we have neglected to appropriately include you on our list!

Donations: Organizations (in alphabetical order)

Alamo Exhibition Bird Club Inc.
Animal Protection Institute
ARGE Papageienschutz
Association of Avian Veterinarians—Australasian Committee
Aussie Bird Toys
The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland
Avicultural Society of Tucson
East San Gabriel Bird Society
The Evet S. Loewen Psittacine Fund of Schwab Charitable Fund
Florida West Coast Avian Society, Inc.
Hourglass Images Studios
The International Lory Society
Olympic Bird Fanciers
Parrot Education and Adoption Center; Cleveland, OH
Phoenix Landing Foundation
The Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture
Rose’s Pet Emporium (Margo Rose)
Second Chance Birds
Society for Conservation in Aviculture—with special recognition of Chairperson Carol Venables, especially for her profound love of, and abiding dedication to, the welfare of cockatoos
South Bay Bird Society
Southwest Virginia Bird Club
Starfish, Unltd.
The Tanygnathus Society
The West Valley Bird Society
The Wild Connection
The World Parrot Trust

Donations: Individuals at the Patron or Lifetime level (in alphabetical order)

Mandy Andrea: “In honor of the Villagers; Stewards of the rainforest”
Joanne Alexander
Mary Ault
Jean Beyer
Barbara and Bruce Bailey
Neill Bailey
Kai Bansner
Gary R. Battistoni
Jill Bell (Jill Bell Designs)
Mark and Linda Bell: “In honor of our beloved Morag”
Catherine Bourne
Andrew Bradnan
Linda Brink
Ann Brooks
Sherry Brovas
Laura Bryan: “This donation is made in memory of my sister, Lee Ann White, who died on July 18, 2013 at the age of 63. She adored her two Moluccan cockatoos; one she had for over 20 years. She also had an adorable African Grey. Her love of exotic birds began as a child and her passion only deepened in time. She took the time to learn about them, understand them and love and respect them. Her devotion never wavered. This donation is made on her behalf, having been greatly concerned about the safety and welfare of the most amazing and beautiful Moluccan cockatoos of Indonesia.”
Tammy and Paul Carreiro: “In honor of Shasta”
Jan Cheney: “In memory of Bonnie GoodBird”
George Chrzan
Nina Cooper
Randall And Barbara Collins And Citko: “In memory of Icarus our beloved Eclectus”
Dr. Ellen K. Cook: “For Merlin”
Dr. Nina & Dr. Mathew Cooper
Gemma and Bruce Dehnbostel: “To celebrate the 7th hatchdate of our two Goffin’s cockatoos, Grace and Mary Chapin”
Deirdre Des Jardins
Monica Engebretson
Rev. Susan Ferguson
Tex Gagliano
Ida Gallop, in honor of “Jack, a Slender-billed Corella who shared his life with her for 42 yrs.”
Weronica Grzdkowska
Tex Hankey
Naomi Grobe
John Hankey
Angela Cancilla Herschel: “For sentient hearts…who fly”
Vanessa Hirsch
Diana Holloway
Amy Hopkins
Al Jacobson
Donna Lee Jones
Lara Joseph
Lonnie Kasman
Jeanne and Mick Kennie: “Teaka, still in my heart after all these years”
Charles King
Collin Loewen
Rosemary Low
Andelphine and Imy Mason-Brown
Katy McElroy
Laureen Mitchell
Stewart Metz
Patti Millett: “In memory of my seven birds I couldn’t save.”
Penny and Donald Moser
Julie Weiss Murad, The Gabriel Foundation: In Honor of Diana Holloway
Carol Nottenburg
Lorraine Otto
Renee Pina
Diane Reid : “Honoring Giggles, IzzyB, Caesar and ‘Angel’ Barbara Bailey”
Rob Robinson : “Tami and Rob Robinson”
Sabine Rohr
Neil and Pat Rudikoff : “With love for our own Flock, the wonderful flock at the Oasis Sanctuary, and for all the native flocks that you do so much to protect. Thanks to you all. God bless.”
Donna Shadowens
Chris Shank , Cockatoo Downs: “Thank you, Annie”
Kevin Sharp
Sunny Schwetz and Second Chance Birds: “In Memory of BoBo”
Don Scott
Steve and Audra Silon
Mike Smith
Ben and Michaele Sosinski
Nancy Speed
Melanie Tate
Richard and Kathryne Thorpe
Gerhard and Joan Tilke
Silvija Vecrumba: “In loving memory of my father Henry Baikstis”
Patricia Volger
Andrey Vorobiev
Renee Ward
Jeannie White
Jennifer White
Mark Williamson
Bonnie Zimmermann

Unfortunately, we must restrict this list to the overt recognition of donors at the level of $250 or greater. However, we also wish to thank no less sincerely the many other individuals, bird clubs and other organizations who have donated directly to, or contributed through their efforts to the mission of the Indonesian Parrot Project. Although we cannot list you all by name, your generosity and hard work keeps us moving forward and gives us wind beneath our wings.

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