Collaboration With The World Parrot Trust

Collaboration With The World Parrot Trust

Apr 6, 2011

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the World Parrot Trust (WPT). We are looking forward to working with Jamie Gilardi, Steve Milpacher, and Mehd Halaouate. Our focus will be the conservation of all three of the most highly endangered subspecies of Yellow-crested cockatoo: the abbotti, sulphurea, and Citron-crested cockatoos.

We will continue our previous approaches which include:

1) promoting pride, education and conservation awareness in schoolchildren;

2) battling the illegal trade in these cockatoos;

3) increasing our basic knowledge of the ecology of these birds, without which their conservation would be impossible.

Collaboration with WPT will considerably expand our ability to meet our conservation goals. They will provide not only their considerable expertise and knowledge of parrot conservation in general, but also the ability to examine nests and breeding patterns, through direct examination of the nest. This is critical since data suggests that, at the present time, breeding failure might be a/the major cause for the numbers of cockatoos failing to increase.

We hope that you share our excitement in this collaboration. In addition, this may well comprise the most ambitious and focused conservation work with Yellow-crested cockatoo. We will also share our sense of excitement and optimism as this project progresses.

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