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An Opportunity for You to Help Make a Difference

The growing support for Indonesian Parrot Project has been truly exciting. We invite YOU to become a member of Indonesian Parrot Project and join us in this unique opportunity to directly help the native Indonesian cockatoos and parrots. As an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, you are assured that 100% of your membership dollars go directly to Indonesia to maintain funding these vital efforts.

Benefits of Your Membership include:


  • Quarterly subscription to “Notes from the Field.” Reports on accomplishments and progress of our field projects. We will also include new discoveries and little-known facts about Indonesian cockatoos and Parrots; surprisingly little is known about the natural behaviors of these elusive birds! But as a member of the Indonesian Parrot Project, Notes from the Field will keep you up-to-date and informed.
  • You will also have access to articles, photos, and videos for reference and to download on your own computer.
  • Patron and Lifetime Members will be included with gratitude for your continuing support on our website.
  • Most importantly, your membership helps ensure the preservation of Indonesian birds and their native homes for generations to come.

Make a One-time Donation


We offer four Annual subscription levels. The yearly donation will be withdrawn every twelve months. Please click on the Subscribe button to sign up.

We also offer a Lifetime Membership to those donors wishing to make a one-time gift of $500. Please click on the Donate button to sign up.

Student or Individual: $25

Individual memberships mean a great deal to the Indonesian Parrot Project.

Every Indonesian Parrot Project membership counts!



Family: $40

Family memberships are designed to include your family household, this plan is a wonderful way for parents to teach their children the importance of preservation and conservation: Lessons for your children that will last a lifetime.



Business or Organization: $100

Business or Organization memberships are designed for retail shops, on-line businesses, environmental / conservation groups and bird clubs. Businesses wanting to “give back” are invited to join at this level.



Patron's Circle: $250

As a member of the Patron’s Circle, we are grateful for your generous and continuing support at this level and, with your permission, will include your name as a Member of the Patron’s Circle on our website.

You may designate your membership in honor of a loved-one if you like, perhaps as a tribute to cherished parents or a companion animal-friend. For example: “Roses Pet:” or “Stewart Metz, in loving memory of China”.

If you prefer remaining anonymous, please let us know this as well.



Lifetime Membership: $500

Lifetime memberships are designed for individuals or families who wish to simply offer a one-time gift. You can be assured your donation will last far longer than a lifetime; it will be apparent for generations to come.

With your permission, we will include your name as a Lifetime Member on our website and you may designate your membership in honor of a loved-one if you like, perhaps as a tribute to cherished parents or a companion animal-friend. For example: “Roses Pet:” or “Stewart Metz In loving memory of China”.

Please let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous.

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