IPP, KKI, and WPT team up to save the Yellow-crested cockatoo

IPP, KKI, and WPT team up to save the Yellow-crested cockatoo

Jun 6, 2012

by Stewart Metz, M.D. Director, Indonesian Parrot Project

As many of you know, we in the Indonesian Parrot Project have focused our most active work from conserving the Seram (Salmon-crested) cockatoo to theĀ Lesser Sulphur crested cockatoo (LSCC), sometimes called the Yellow-crested cockatoo. (As indicated previously, we do retain some involvement with theĀ Salmon-crested cockatoo, albeit no longer in-the-field there ). The LSCC exist on a number of widely separated islands in Indonesia. Sadly, LSCC have been extirpated from many locations, and others are on the brink of extinction. They are now considered “Highly Endangered”-a recent upgrade in classification by CITES.

So, how to deal with a critical project which requires a number of skills and ideas? The idea is to involve collaborators who can bring to the table, different types of expertise and experiences needed for the Project. We formed a collaboration between three groups-the Indonesian Parrot Trust, Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia, and the World Parrot Trust.The studies reported below were carried out in the field mostly by three of our collaborators-our Indonesian colleagues Dudi Nandika and Dwi Agustina in Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia and IPP, and Mehd Halaoute, (who is affiliated with the World Parrot Trust). We also share ideas and approaches with Steve Milpacher and Jamie Gilardi of the World Parrot Trust.

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