Message from the Director: IPP 15 Year Anniversary

Message from the Director: IPP 15 Year Anniversary

Feb 9, 2016

Dear Friends,

As we head into 2016, we wish to express our gratitude for your continued support, friendship and love in helping us protect and conserve the parrots and cockatoos of Indonesia. You are truly the wind beneath their wings and ours.

15years02In celebrating our 15th Anniversary, we will be sharing stories of what we have learned over 15 years and how we can take that knowledge and continue to grow in the future. We are continuing our work with the Abbotti cockatoos, have resumed our relationship with PPS Seram (formerly Kembali Bebas the avian rescue and release center which IPP founded in 2004), have brought back our ecotourism program, are learning new ways of working with the local communities in both Masalembu and Maluku, and were pleased to watch nine Seram cockatoos released back into the wild on October 25, 2015.

IPP also wishes to welcome members of our new advisory committee, Lara Joseph, Janet Holt, Lisa Lawrence and Connie English. Together they bring IPP a wealth of experience in all things avian. A new website will launch in early February which will coincide with a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for all of our projects.

We also will share a follow up on what happened after the horror of the water bottle cockatoos and think you will be quite surprised to hear what happened and our involvement into 2016 and possibly beyond.

On a personal note, I wish to thank Stewart Metz, our Associate Director for his continued insight and great knowledge of Indonesian parrots and cockatoos, his strong background in science, and his obvious love and concern for cockatoos that he has shown again and again since I met him in 2003.

His work and drive inspired me to believe that with enough passion anything is possible. I will never forget in 2003 when he said “Why don’t you come with us to Indonesia?” I did and my life changed completely.

As we head into 2016 our original slogan is still relevant and newly energized, “together we can make a difference.”

~ Bonnie Zimmermann, Director

Click to read the entire PDF: 15 Year Anniversary Report.

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