New Disney Grant

New Disney Grant

Oct 6, 2011

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) announced that the Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP) has been awarded an annual grant to support its project: “Saving the¬†World’s Rarest Cockatoo.”

DWCF awarded $2 million to conservation projects around the globe in 2011, the highest amount ever contributed in a single year. IPP is one of nearly 100 grant recipients recognized for helping to preserve habitats, protect endangered species, foster kids’ connections to nature and ensure future generations can enjoy wildlife and wild places. The overarching goal of the Project is to conserve these fast-disappearing cockatoos, while employing local stakeholders and thereby improving their quality of life. This, in turn, reduces their economic incentive to trap cockatoos.

Achieving these goals is predicated on methods and data accrued from our earlier studies in remote Indonesian islands. This conservation plan brings together the unique collaboration of the Indonesian Parrot Project and the World Parrot Trust, who complement each other in the expertise which they bring to the project. We anticipate that these measures will promote a new awareness in the stakeholders of the value of conserving these cockatoos as a heritage for future generations, and will put into place measures to reduce the major etiologic factors which have led to this high-level vulnerability to extinction of the rarest cockatoos in the world.

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