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Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

An archive of previously published Notes from the Field, our member newsletter, can be found here.

Collaboration With The World Parrot Trust

We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with the World Parrot Trust (WPT). We are looking forward to working with Jamie Gilardi, Steve Milpacher, and Mehd Halaouate. Our focus will be the conservation of all three of the most highly endangered subspecies...

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Update on our Work in Kembali Bebas

Flash! Hot Off the Press ….. At last! The complete report on our 5-yr. long experience at the Kembali Bebas Rehabilitation and Release Center on Seram Island. An abstract of this 36 page, document will be presented soon in a special “Notes from the...

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An Appeal from the Director

Dear Friends and Supporters, Many of you have grown along with the Indonesian Parrot Project, since 2002. We had been concerned since 1997 about how little was actually known about the magnificent but endangered Salmon-crested cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis. So that...

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Indonesian Dreamin’

Notes from the Field This month we offer Part 1 of an exciting and personal account of our 2009 West Papua Paradise Expedition from our guest and long-time supporter, Suzanne Cordrey, and an informative article from our Director about the Conservation of the Nominate...

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News from the Indonesian Parrot Project

Notes from the Field by Stewart Metz, MD, Director Dear Friends and Colleagues: Things continue to be exciting and fluid in Indonesia. Herein we report on the “rediscovery” of the rarest subspecies of Yellow-crested cockatoo (C. sulphurea abbotti) in the...

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Adventure in Indonesia

Notes from the Field By Diane Sivas When I tell people about my recent trip to Seram Island in Indonesia, many look at me like I’m crazy and say “Better you than me.” And while I agree that the trip is not for everyone, it is a trip that I...

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Second Wave of Our Appeal to Start in August

Notes from the Field By Bonnie Zimmermann, Vice President First of all we wish to thank every person who responded to our email campaign in May. This August we will be reaching out even further and sending out letters to all our past supporters and friends via a...

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The VI Loro Parque Parrot Convention

Notes from the Field – November 2006 By Lorraine Otto, CFO, Indonesian Parrot Project This past September, My husband Rob and I flew to Tenerife, to attend The VI International Parrot Convention. Tenerife, largest of the Canary Islands, is located off the west...

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Citron Crested Cockatoos in the Wild: The Last Stand

Notes from the Field – July 2006 By Stewart Metz, MD Director, Indonesian Parrot Project/Project Bird Watch WHY IS IT IN DANGER? The Citron- crested or Sumba cockatoo (or, technically, Cacatua sulphurea citronocristata) is physically the largest subspecies of...

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Free at Last!

Notes from the Field – Special Edition By Stewart Metz and Bonnie Zimmermann It’s 8:00 a.m. on a sunny Seram morning. There is electricity in the air and all eyes are on the habituation cage and the three Seram cockatoos. There are two blinds near the cage, one...

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Evolution of Kembali Bebas

Notes from the Field: Issue 9 Disease in Wild Indonesian Cockatoos and Parrots by Stewart Metz, Director, Project Bird Watch When we talk about releasing cockatoos and parrots back into the Indonesian forest, the implication is that they will survive the return to the...

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Adventure at Api Lima (Five Fires)

Notes from the Field: June 2005 By Bonnie Zimmermann It’s mid to late afternoon, deep in the rainforests of Seram. It’s hard to tell the time as the canopy above is so dense that it lets in little light, and what sky I can see is cloudy and grey. Using...

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