The Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP) and their Indonesian counterpart, Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia (KKI), work collaboratively to protect the parrots of Indonesia. Established in 2001 by Dr. Stewart Metz and originally known as Project Bird Watch, the organization focuses efforts on conservation and education. Conservation efforts take many forms from critically-endangered species protection programs to rescue, rehabilitation and release (via Indonesian-based center, Kembalis Bebas) to community awareness and pride and economic development initiatives.


  to eliminate trapping for the pet trade
· work with the villagers to identify alternate means of sustainable income.
· increase “Awareness” of the fundamental types and nature of parrots involved; the inhumane effects of trapping and the wild bird trade and, more importantly its lasting and detrimental effects upon a natural gift (and resource) which is localized to their small region alone. The lack of sustainability of bird trapping is also underscored.

  to improve the conditions of these parrots that are currently kept as pets through education The sad reality is that the lack of public education and protective animal welfare legislation in effect to specifically define the neglect and abuse of birds has had a sobering effect — far too many birds in captivity languish in substandard, neglectful and/or abusive conditions.